The Simpson's family and the Kwik-E-Mart. It makes the whole game enjoyable!

Electronic Arts released The Sims Mobile hack towards the starting of 2018 on Android devices, and the users summed up their experience as a collective "Woah". The developers of the game had their heart at the right places by providing the exclusive cut scenes from the story, user friendly interface and the characters with humorous one liners. The game was removed from the app stores due to major bug issues but soon made a strong return with major fixes and better user interface.

Similar to its old version, The Sims Mobile cheats tasks the players with rebuilding the beautiful Springfield which was destroyed by a nuclear meltdown, kicked off by one of the Simpsons. The EA sports provides you with a small piece of land to start off the game. From there it's upon the players to erect the buildings in various places, decorating the surroundings with parks and to send a plethora of popular characters on different missions. The rewards are in form of experience points (XP) and virtual money. Different missions and construction process takes different amount of time to complete and the process comes with a speeding option by making the use of donuts. The developers have provided you with a limited number of donuts i.e. when these delicious treats run out of stock, you always have an option to buy them again from the in app purchase window.

You can also exchange these treats for money to buy land and other stuff. But the main letdown of the game comes in form of stoppage time which is often as long as 4-5 hours where the players have to shut down the game due to inadequate resources. Major part of the game seems familiar as the developers have reused the old formula without any major changes. Though the new version of the game allows the players to invite their friends who can be used to borrow money and points. The fact that the game owns the original licence makes it appealing and realistic. The characters are real with authentic voices and looks. The catchy part of the game lies in the fact that each Simpson is given a task which he or she has to complete by chasing the evil characters.

To sum up the things, The Simpsons Tapped Out does nothing innovative or new, but the originality of characters and their humor makes it highly addictive and hard to resist. It's less of "DOH" and more of "WOAH".

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